Capacity matters

Choosing the correct size

Several factors should be considered when choosing a dehumidifier for your home.

Understanding your square footage is important when determining what dehumidifier meets your needs. There are, however, several other factors to consider to ensure you purchase the correct dehumidifier for your specific needs.

The first step is to classify your crawl space or basement based on air infiltration and the condition of your foundation. Once you have done this, you can visit the Product Comparison Chart to see which Santa Fe dehumidifier is best suited for your home.

Classifying Your Crawl Space or Basement

Loosely Sealed

Typically, these are older homes with very minimal air sealing and foundations with several cracks and imperfections.

Moderately Sealed

Newer homes or remodeled homes that have some air sealing and foundations with some cracks and imperfections.

Very Tightly Sealed

New homes that meet a recognized energy building standard such as ENERGY STAR®, LEED or Passive House, or homes that have a confirmed air leakage of 3 ACH50 or less. Often, these are newer homes with foundations that have minimal cracks or imperfections.

Compare dehumidifiers

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