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Santa Fe Classic

The bigger the basement, the better.

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Water Removal

110 Pints/Day

13.75 Gal/Day

For Basements Up To


Square Feet


6 Year


energy star

The Classic is one of the most energy-efficient residential units on the market.

Engineered for basements and other finished spaces, it features a vertical configuration and a flow-down design. Its high-capacity blower moves air in a way that no small conventional unit can.

Ideal Applications:

  • Basements
  • Exercise Rooms
  • Garages
  • Gun Rooms
  • Theater/Multi-Use
  • Workshops

Vertical Configuration

Vertical configuration is great for basement applications

High-Capacity Blower

High-capacity blower for optimal air movement.

Duct Kits and Pumps

Optional duct kits and condensate pumps provide multiple installation options for greater flexibility

Energy Star® Certified

Every Santa Fe dehumidifier exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements.

MERV-13 Filter

Provides superior air filtration.

Low Heat Load

Engineered for low-temperature operation and proper airflow.

Auto Restart

Allows the dehumidifier to automatically restart after a power outage.

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product specifications

Part Number


Pint Capacity

110 Pints or 13.75 Gallons


700 watts @ 80°F and 60% RH

Supply Voltage

115 volt – 1 phase – 60 Hz

Current Draw

6.4 amps

Average Sound Level

60 dBA

Operating Temperature

56°F Min., 95°F Max.

Crawl Space Sizing

Basement Sizing

Very Tightly Sealed Up to 2,900 Sq. Ft. (29,000 Cu. Ft.)

Moderately Sealed Up to 2,700 Sq. Ft. (27,000 Cu. Ft.)

Some Leaks & Imperfections Up to 2,500 Sq. Ft. (25,000 Cu. Ft.)

Minimum Performance at

80°F and 60% RH

70°F and 60% RH

Water Removal

110 Pints/Day

90 Pints/Day


6.3 Pints/kWh

5.8 Pints/kWh

Energy Factor

3.0 L/kWh

2.7 L/kWh

Air Filter

MERV-13, Standard Filter Size 16"W x 20"H x 2"D

Unit Dimensions

20"W x 36"H x 17"D

Unit Weight

110 lbs.

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