Santa Fe Condensate Pump

Overcoming gravity.

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2 quart


can move water up to

12 feet vertically

total of 20 feet

Humidity can happen anywhere--not just next to a floor drain. Gain flexibility in where you install your Santa Fe dehumidifier with the Santa Fe condensate pump. Conveniently install the pump to remove your dehumidifier condensate. This pump can move water up to 12 feet vertically , and a total of 20 feet. (This pump features a 2 quart reservoir.) (*Current models do not utilize bracket.)

Compatible Products:

  • Advance100
  • Advance120
  • Advance90
  • Classic
  • Compact70
  • Impact155

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Compatible Dehumidifiers


Condensate Pump

Compact70, Advance90, Advance100, Advance120, Impact105, Impact155, Classic

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