Home comfort starts with safe, clean air

Durable in the face of humidity

Home is where the heart is. And unfortunately, it's often where humidity is too. Ensuring a comfortable home and safeguarding your family's health begins with a durable and reliable Santa Fe dehumidifier. We offer a full line of high capacity, energy-efficient and free-standing units designed and manufactured for basements, crawl spaces and any other area in your home that requires unmatched humidity control.

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In the simplest of terms, dehumidifiers regulate humidity by removing moisture from the air. This creates living spaces that are comfortable to you but inhospitable to dust mites, mold and other allergens.

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Invest in peace of mind, not just a dehumidifier. When you control moisture levels in your home, you help protect it from structural issues.

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When the air in your home is comfortable, you and your family are more comfortable. With a Santa Fe dehumidifier installed in your home, you can rest assured in knowing that the air circulating throughout your home is clean, pure and safe. Now that's a comforting thought.


We Provide You Peace of Mind

Engineered and manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin, Santa Fe Dehumidifiers takes pride in our products and service. Our products are commercial-grade and built to last. While our customer service team is ready to help guide you through the selection process – whether you are a DIYer or working with a contractor.


The Santa Fe Advantage

Unlike many big box brands, every Santa Fe dehumidifier boasts superior filtration that’s scientifically proven to eliminate dust mites, mold and other problems caused by excess moisture in the air. The EPA, American Lung Association and American Medical Association all recommend installing a dehumidifier in the basement and crawl space to keep your home’s humidity levels at 50% or less.

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