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Santa Fe Product Downloads

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Santa Fe brochure coverBrochure (PN: TS- 1094): Walk homeowners through the benefits of dehumidification and Santa Fe, and what solutions are available.

Sell Sheets: Know what product you’re going to recommend to a homeowner? These sell sheets focus on the top benefits of a Santa Fe, as well as the specs customers care most

Order by Part Numbers:

Homeowner Brochure TS- 1094 Download PDF
Compact70 sell sheet TS -1104 Download PDF
Advance90 sell sheet TS- 1105 Download PDF
Advance100 sell sheet TS- 1106 Download PDF
Advance120 sell sheet NA Download PDF
Classic sell sheet TS- 1107 Download PDF


Santa Fe Data SheetData Sheets: Find all of the specifications and accessories you need for a specific Santa Fe in one spot.

Compact70 data sheet Download PDF
Advance90 data sheet Download PDF
Advance100 data sheet Download PDF
Advance120 data sheet Download PDF
Impact105 data sheet Download PDF
Impact155 data sheet Download PDF
Classic data sheet Download PDF


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